I could have been an archaeologist…

Somewhere beneath your feet, yards or miles down, lies a treasure trove from the past. Evidence left by those who lived long before us, each artifact with its own story to tell—tales that may lie dormant for thousands of years until someone unearths them.

As a child, archaeologists’ work fascinated me. How they dig deep to exhume pottery, bones and ruins to piece together the stories of ancient civilizations. I seriously considered that career path, but a love of literature drew me down a different road.

Instead I became a writer who excavates stories from science, life and imagination, translating them into articles and narratives that inform and engage audiences. Occasionally, they are the once-upon-a-time stuff of fiction (one of my short stories, The Project, even became a mini-play). More often they are about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Real people. Great stories.

My own story includes work in traditional and multimedia journalism, copywriting, web content management, and public relations. Throughout my journey, I noticed that no matter the format—print, web, audio, video, etc.—the backbone of each project was a great story shared in a creative, compelling way. Without that foundation, even the fanciest packages fell flat.

So as a freelancer I’ve made that storytelling foundation my key focus as I shift creatively forward, connecting with more audiences and unearthing new stories and ideas.

You can join me on this adventure by:

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Please call or email me to discuss how we might work together on your next project. Who knows? It just might be the beginning of a great story.

Warm wishes,