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I craft custom content for healthcare and higher ed institutions, including compelling copy about innovative therapeutics, medical technology, and lifestyle factors that promote health and wellness.

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On a more personal note…

I don’t just write about health—I LIVE it!

In 2014 I was overweight, stressed, and developing signs of heart disease. I knew I had to change, and so began my journey to discover everything I could about healing my body, mind, and spirit.

Today, I eat a whole-foods, primarily plant-based diet. I run, cycle, and circuit train to stay fit and energized. I take time for rest and recovery (a new habit that challenged my formerly “push-push” mentality), and also spiritual practices such as prayer, worship, and serving as a domestic missionary.

It’s a lifestyle that spurs health and a renewed vigor to write, live, and point others toward positive, healthy choices.


I’ve found Koren to be an editor’s dream. Give her a word count and she sticks to it—but will make you aware if she has good content that she was unable to include should you want to add more to the story.

I highly recommend her to other magazine editors in higher education. She’s highly professional and produces sparkling prose every time!

Vicki Mayk
Senior Editor, Wilkes University

Each of her articles was a work of art, requiring minimal revisions. Koren was able to capture each subject as a colorful and engaging portrait.

Koren was also a pleasure to work with…I  wish we could have met in person! I would unreservedly recommend her for any freelance writing assignment.

Marcia Faye
Associate Director of Editorial Services, Illinois Tech

Koren is the kind of writer that every editor hopes to have in their back pocket—responsive, analytical, skillful and collaborative.

Whether writing about the science behind fad diets or the intricacies of robot-assisted surgery, Koren approaches assignments with a professionalism and thoroughness that I have come to count on. 

Elisa Huang
Managing Editor, USC

Books by Koren Wetmore


A madman enslaves humanity. She can free them. But it just might cost her life…

In the year 2142, Leti Reicher lives among war-torn refugees in abandoned tunnels beneath Grand City. Going topside means risking capture, death, or worse—being changed by the Administrator’s implant into a mindless drone.

When Administration forces draw close to discovering her hiding place, Leti escapes the city in the hope of finding the rumored Resistance led by the Administrator’s brother, Faun. She wants only to be free. But when she learns she holds the key to the Resistance’s future, Leti is forced to make a choice—flee or fight.

If she flees, she turns her back on those she left behind. But if she chooses to fight, she must confront her past, her fears, and the Administrator.

Technocracy is the first book in a new dystopian sci-fi series. If you’re a fan of Divergent or Hunger Games, you’ll love this post-apocalyptic thrill ride. Grab your copy today!